Hiromi Motomiya

Japanese Flutist Songwriter

Flutist stands in the center as vocalist, play in a band style.
Release 10 titles of original music CD by the flute.


Hiromi Motomiya 10th new album "voice release
"The voice of my heart, in the flute
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I was born with my left leg handicapped.
So from childhood on I always wanted to become a musician.

Even a little, I wanted to approach the performance of the world's splendid musicians.
So I listened to lots of music, studied and imitated it.

However, one day I felt a terrible emptiness.
This was, when I noticed that I has never played my original sound and music yet.

For the first time in my life I started to meditate only on the sound that was inside myself.
I threw away all the fixed ideas that I gained. I wanted to play the flute with genuine enthusiasm.

When I closed my eyes and played the flute, the whole body was resonating, and I cried.
It was the moment that I felt "I live now" for the first time in my life.
This sensation convinced me that it was the origin from where I played my sound of music.
I decided to face my emotion and play the music that only I could play.

I hope my CD "IBUKI (Breath) " touches your heart.

Live ver.

First Release Song
Breath (息吹)

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