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Hiromi Motomiya
Latest and last album released on September 1, 2023



Japanese flutist Hiromi Motomiya.
She has released 13 works since the album "Breath" released in 2011.
There are 105 original flute instrumental songs.
She announced her retirement at the end of 2023.
We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their support so far.


In 2011, since the first all-song original instrumental album "Ibuki" by flute, a total of 13 albums (distribution and CD) and over 100 original songs have been released.

In 2014, released a soundtrack album for the movie "A Little Girl's Dream".
The film won the Best Documentary Award at the San Diego International Children's Film Festival.
In 2019,Co-starred with world-famous cellist Franz Bartolomey.
In 2021,"Tanagokoro" ranked 6th in the New Zealand Apple Music instrumental album category.
In 2022, "Kokoronome" ranked 19th in the Taiwan iTunes Store instrumental top album.
In 2023, “Taigahien” ranked second in the Czech Apple Music Instrumental Top Albums list.
In Japan, the released songs have been adopted and selected by many TV programs and radio programs, including NHK.
In June 2023, Hiromi Motomiya announced that she will end her activities at the end of the year.


"Last Concert"
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2023 Re-recording


Last Song


Latest Album

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Sheet Music

You can download it for free until the new coronavirus infection subsides.
The flute melody score and guitar chord are also shown.
Please use it for playing musical instruments at home.

Backing Track

I hope my music touches your heart.

I was born with my left leg handicapped.
So from childhood on I always wanted to become a musician.
Even a little, I wanted to approach the performance of the world's splendid musicians.
So I listened to lots of music, studied and imitated it.
However, one day I felt a terrible emptiness.
This was, when I noticed that I has never played my original sound and music yet.
For the first time in my life I started to meditate only on the sound that was inside myself.
I threw away all the fixed ideas that I gained. I wanted to play the flute with genuine enthusiasm.
When I closed my eyes and played the flute, the whole body was resonating, and I cried.
It was the moment that I felt "I live now" for the first time in my life.
This sensation convinced me that it was the origin from where I played my sound of music.
I decided to face my emotion and play the music that only I could play.
I hope my CD "IBUKI (Breath) " touches your heart.

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